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Ask us about our vegan products             New menu options coming

 vegan friendly

We use soy oil in our fryers and all of our batter is dairy free so  you  can enjoy classic American food too.


Vegan Corn Dog

A yummy soy dog dipped into our homemade batter and made fresh for you. Looks and tastes just like our regular corn dogs but with kindness in mind. 


Veggie Burger

A soy veggie patty made fresh to order. We cook this on our grill but in an isolated section.


Onion Rings

We use only jumbo fresh onions and hand cut them daily. These colossal onion rings are hand dipped and fried to perfection.  You won't find bigger onion rings anywhere!


French Fries

These fries come in a large tray and make a great side to any entree. 

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